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Sarah - Massage

Posted on 07th June 2018

My name is Sarah, I am the tender age of 19 and very keen to be shown/learn anything you think you may be able to teach me. (within reason of course). I am approximately 5ft 7" have auburn coloured hair, slim size 6, Bcup, with blue eyes. I will always greet you with a big smile and cheerful hello, yet sometimes I may come across a bit aloof and it could seem like I don't want to talk but this is not the case. I just get nervous still on the odd occasion and all it takes is a bit of coaxing for me to come out of my shell. Be careful tho, you just don't know what inner beast you may have released lol. With legs that seem to go on forever don't you think you owe it to yourself to find out where they lead to, I do...

I work mon, wed, fri day shift every 2nd week alternating my fri to work a shift fri or sat night the following week.                        House prices apply...$140-30min  $170-45min  $210-1HR 


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20 years old | White | Slim Body | B Cup