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Frequently asked questions and answers

Signing up

Go here. Follow the prompts :)

Placing an Advertisement

  • Sign up to a new account and agreed to the Swagmates terms and conditions.
  • Only then can click on “Post an Ad” to create an advertisement.

No you do not. There is no minimum term, you can leave/cancel any time you wish.
Please note: When on the Swagmates site, you must abide by the Swagmates terms and conditions. This is mandatory.

  • Creating an advertisement on Swagmates is free of charge for individual advertisers.
  • Once your advertisement is active you can choose to boost the position and visibility of your free advertisement by purchasing, and expending Swagmates credits.
  • In short, Yes.
  • Please ensure you select the most appropriate option when creating an advertisement.
  • Please not that each advertisement is for a single business. Advertisements promoting multiple businesses are not permitted. If you wish to advertise multiple businesses, then please create multiple ads.

After submitting your advertisement, it should go live almost immediately. If you are experiencing issues, please contact Swagmates technical support.

Managing Your Advertisement

  • Log in to your account. Select your advertisement.
  • Within your advertisement, select the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Log in to your account. Select your advertisement.
  • Within your advertisement, select the ‘deactivate’ button.

If you are advertising a Brothel, Escort Agency, Massage Parlour please ensure you select the appropriate option when creating an advertisement.

From within your Advertisement profile you will be able to manage (create, activate, promote, deactivate) your individual employee advertisements. To access this click the following button:

To manage your workers Swagmates has created an easy to use console.

Each linked employee advertisement needs to represent an individual worker. IE: If an Agency has 5 girls working, then they are required to advertise these girls individually, rather than all 5 girls in one advertisement. This is essential for Swagmates advertisement filtering and will ensure customers are able to locate the services they require.

HINT: To manage the workers on shift, simply choose what workers are available, and select ‘Activate’. This will immediately publish the ads, and ensure the workers appear in web searches.

HINT: To ensure customers know exactly whom is on shift, ensure you ‘deactivate’ the ads of workers not working. This was customers will come to realise that if they are advertised, they are working/available.

Advertisement Images

  • Swagmates advertisements have a Minimum requirement of 2 photos, and a maximum of 4 photos.
  • This may vary for Business Advertisements.
  • Not at all. Mobile snapshots and ‘Selfies’ are acceptable.
  • Please ensure your photos are clear, and reasonably high resolution.
  • The higher the quality of your photo’s, the more hits you will receive on your advertisement.

NOTE: Please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions in regards to advertisements.

  • Tasteful: ‘Showing good aesthetic judgement or appropriate behaviour’
  • In plain language: No vulgar / overt displays of naked genitalia. Experience has shown you will receive LESS hits on your advertisement if your photos are vulgar.
  • If in doubt, or you feel like you may need to ask somebody’s opinion - don’t post it

NOTE: Please ensure you are familiar with our terms and conditions in regards to advertisements.

Data Security

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides secure communications over a computer network or link.
  • When you visit the Swagmates website, our Server automatically redirects you to our secure site using the HTTPS protocol – this happens before you can log in. This results in your browser and the Swagmates site negotiating a secure channel/tunnel using SSL.

    This negotiation goes a little like this (note that I've simplified it greatly). The browser sends a message stating what the latest version of SSL it can support and a list of symmetric algorithms it can use. The web server sends back a message with the version of SSL and the algorithm that will be used.

    It sends its certificate as well. The client verifies the certificate using the known certificates that came with the browser; in other words, it checks that it has been signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) and that it hasn't expired.

    If the certificate is valid, the browser generates a one-time key for the session, encrypts it with the server's public key (it's part of the certificate), and sends it to the server. The server decrypts the key, then uses that key together with the agreed symmetric algorithm for the rest of the session.
  • SSL ensures all data transferred in your session is encrypted.
  • Yes.
  • Between the hackers and the predators, modern threats demand serious deterrents. That’s why Swagmates ensures all your transactional data is secured with military-grade software and servers, and the highest level of encryption available.
  • No.
  • At no stage does Swagmates have access to your Credit card details. This is completely by design, for our customers peace of mind. We retain no personal financial details.
  • Your Credit Card details are processed directly from our browser to our partners secure payment gateway. Our trusted partner is certified as meeting Tier 1 of the PCI DSS compliance criteria, which is the highest level of compliance available and is the same levels of data security of the biggest banks in the world.
  • PCI DSS is a set of rules created by the PCI Security Standards Council, which consists of the biggest players in the payment card industry, in order to facilitate the adoption of a consistent set of standards for the processing, handling and storing of sensitive credit card information.

Swagmates Credits

  • On the Swagmates website, you can purchase Swagmates credits. Once you have aquired some of these, they are credited to your Swagmates account.
  • You can expend these credits to further promote your Swagmates advertisement.
  • Log into your Swagmates account.
  • Select the ‘Buy Credits’ option.
  • Follow the prompts to process your secure payment.
  • Adverts arrive at the top of the queue, however due to the high volume of advertisements moving through the Swagmates marketplace, these soon move off the top of the screen.
  • You can bump up the position of your advertisement:
    • Schedule a Bump Up – Move your listing to the top of the listings for your area
      • To allow advertisers to secure more views on their advertisement, we have created the option available to ‘bump’ your advertisement.
      • This (immediately) pushes the advertisement to the top of ‘the days advertisements.
      • To increase the views on your advertisement, we would encourage you to occasionally ‘bump’ your advertisement to the top again.
  • You can highlight your advertisement:
    • Highlight my Listing – Your listing will stand out more on the Swagmates Search page. A highlight draws the eye and will result in more views
  • You can feature your advertisement:
    • Featured Listing – Your listing will periodically appear on the top of listings for your area, in the spot reserved for Featured Listings
      • 3 spots are always reserved at the top of each page for Featured Listings.
      • Every time the page is accessed these ads refresh.
      • All Featured Listings cycle through these 3 slots.
      • Featuring your ad is the best way to MAXIMIZE advertisement views

Support Options

  • There is a button in the top left of each advertisement.
  • Click on the indicated button, and completed the Web Form.
  • Please head to the Contact Us tab, and use the web form to get in contact
  • We will respond as soon as practical.